PET Bottles – What advantages do they have? Are They Harmful to the Environment?

PET bottles can be used for beverages as well as edible oil or dishwashing liquid. This packaging is appreciated by both manufacturers operating in various industries, and by costumers. Unfortunately, just like any other packaging, PET bottles also have their opponents (many people consider PET packaging to be harmful to the environment). What are the advantages of such packaging? Is it really harmful to the environment? Have a nice read!

Advantages of PET Bottles 

Let us start by listing the advantages of PET bottles. This type of packaging is lightweight, it is therefore easy to transport. Transporting PET packaging is economical, with fewer emissions than transporting glass bottles. In addition, pet packaging is robust, dimensionally stable as well as acid and fat resistant. They are also aesthetically pleasing. 

Are the PET Bottles Harmful to Environment? 

As we mentioned above, many people claim that PET bottles are harmful to the environment. How is it in reality?

Above all, PET bottles can be recycled, which is a big plus that has a positive impact on the environment, and reduces the consumption of natural resources. It is worth noting that the recycling of PET is a less costly and energy-intensive process compared to the recycling of glass bottles (the melting point of glass is 1200-1300 °C).  

Furthermore, PET can be recycled several times, compared to up to 5 times for paper. 

In addition, the launch of production of plastic packaging itself is cheaper and easier than the production of glass.

All these advantages speak for themselves, and in combination with conscious waste management they bring a lot of good to the environment. 

PET Bottle Production – Discover SMF 

Manufacturers of all kinds of products, from yoghurts or milk to oils or washing liquids, opt for PET packaging. However, the PET bottle production process requires modern machinery. Preferably ones that are energy-efficient, intuitive to operate and foolproof. All manufacturers looking for such machines are encouraged to take a look at the SMF offer (website). 

Blow moulding machines and other packaging solutions from SMF have already gained recognition in more than 80 countries. SMF offers machines with a robust construction and high quality components. Machines with capacities of 1000-3000 as well as 34,000 bottles per hour are available.  

PET bottles have many advantages, they can be recycled, and their processing is a less energy intensive process than recycling glass bottles. Additionally, this type of packaging is lightweight, robust and aesthetically pleasing. All this means that more and more manufacturers are opting for PET bottles.