What will the continuation of “Xi era” bring?

China lifted restrictions on the number of terms of office in the presidency. Of the nearly three thousand delegates to the China Assembly, only two voted against the amendment, three abstained, and the remaining 2964 supported the reform, reports “Investor”.Xi Jinping came to power in China in 2012, and with his arrival, a new era in the history of the country began. Along with the active involvement of foreign investments and significant market freedoms, there is an aggressive policy of restricting freedom of speech and information.

The fact that Xi remains in power for an indefinite period of time provides several signals to the world community. The external and internal policies will remain unchanged. The economic model promoted by the head of China will gain momentum. The active attraction of investments will continue, the Chinese economy will become more and more globalized. It is also important that in foreign markets it will continue the aggressive behavior.

China is steadily increasing the degree of openness to the outside world, expanding access to the domestic market and paying more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. At the same time, it remains relatively closed regarding the financial market. The country still needs to increase the degree of openness of such areas as telecommunications, health care, education, care for the elderly and the production of cars working on new types of energy.

In the past five years, China has risen to 18 positions in the rating of the degree of convenience for doing business. In 2017, China has attracted a record amount of foreign investment in the history of the country – 136.3 billion dollars, having taken second place in the world by this indicator.

To sum up, in the “new”era, the Chinese will be even richer and more united, and the country will become a leader in the world community and an example in the era of the crisis of Western democracy.

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