Ukrainian inventors created a unique project for cultivation and experiments

Cyber ​​Ponic One is a Ukrainian startup that will revolutionize an existing food paradigm. In 2017, it became one of the most discussed at the CannaBizz International Exhibition in Warsaw, reports “Investor”.People have been talking about a food crisis and the ways of solving it for a while now. Ukraine is important in this discussion both as a country with a strong agrarian resource and as a place where inventors are working on solving the crisis.

In 2016, Andriy Yaremich, an inventor from Kiev, in collaboration with the Meconomica project presented a prototype of a home micro farm on the basis of ultraphonic with improvements. He added an adaptive lighting and intelligent control system. In 2016, a working prototype, called Cyber ​​Ponic, was first introduced to the public.

Note that ultraphonic is no longer a new idea. It has become widely popular because experts call it the most progressive cultivating system. The very same technology lies in the fact that the plant’s roots hang in the air and is fed by a fog solution sprayed by an ultrasonic generator.

In 2017, the development of Andrey Yaremich was of interest to the GrowPro project, that was looking for technical solutions for remote control of a growing process. Also, the ability to analyze parameters with the involvement of outside experts was sought. As a result of such a collaboration, the Cyber ​​Ponic One project appeared.

The new full demonstration sample was presented at the CannaBizz International Exhibition in Warsaw in October 2017. At this exhibition, Ukrainian inventors received positive feedback from experts, suggestions on cooperation and general support and interest of the audience.

Project creators note:

“You can install it at home or in the office and provide yourself with fresh greens. You can join other users, share data, recipes and participate in collaborative research, or you can collect mega-farms and manage them remotely from anywhere in the world by connecting with professional agronomists or intelligent systems based on neural networks.”

Despite its revolutionary nature, this technology has many critics. They note that despite the economic benefits, technology “kills” environmental friendliness of products. Meanwhile, giant ultraphonic farms are just a dream of the inventors and we can watch the development of our Ukrainian technology.

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