Rosatom in Hungary will expand a nuclear power plant – Austria opposes

Austria, which is extremely opposed to nuclear power, sued the European Commission. The reason for the claim was its permission to expand the nuclear power plant in Hungary in conjunction with Rosatom, says “Investor”.

Austria criticized the European Commission because of its permission to expand the nuclear power plant in Hungary. A new Austrian government of Chancellor Sebastien Kurtz, promises to continue the ten-year policy of confronting nuclear power. Last month, he said he would file a legal complaint about a deconstruction of the Hungarian Paks nuclear power plant, located near the border with Austria.

Paks is the only operating nuclear power plant in Hungary. The station was built according to a Soviet project. The NPP produces more than 42% of all electricity in the country.

Two new reactors will double the power of the station up to 2000 megawatts. Hungary intends to start reactor construction this year. It is planned that the first object will be completed in 2025.

“Nuclear energy has no place in Europe. We will not deviate from this line even by a centimeter,”

said the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Elizabeth Kestinger.

 “The Commission will defend its decision in court”,

said the spokeswoman for the EU executive branch.

It should be noted that in all previous similar cases, the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg spoke in favor of the Commission.

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