An American firm has presented oxygen-producing tires

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobile tires, Goodyear, presented an unusual concept at the Geneva motor show – Oxygene tires with live moss inside, which absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, reports “Investor”.

The company was founded in 1898 and originally produced bicycle tires, hoses and other rubber products, essential for everyday life. Later, Goodyear began to produce tires for cars. The first racing tires were made for Henry Ford in 1901. Today it is the largest tire manufacturer in the world.

The company received its name in honor of well-known American inventor Charles Goodyear. In 1839, he discovered in the process of vulcanization of rubber, and successfully patented it after 5 years.

Goodyear creates unusual tire concepts that allow you to imagine what the future of transport will look like. This year, the company introduced concept tires with live moss inside the Geneva motor show.

Such tires will be able to produce energy through photosynthesis. According to the company’s plan, they will absorb CO2 from the air and moisture from the surface of the road, feeding the moss inside, and producing oxygen. Goodyear believes that in Paris, with about 2.5 million cars on the roads, widespread use of Oxygene tires will produce about 3 thousand tons of oxygen and absorb more than 4 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Moreover, conceptual tires use the power they receive for powering internal electronics, including built-in sensors and data processing unit. It is also noted that the tires will use the Li-Fi technology, which will allow them to “communicate” with other cars and road infrastructure. Protectors, according to Goodyear, will be made with the use 3D printing from rubber powder obtained from recycled tires.

Such a concept looks fantastic to us. However, the prototype manufacturing and detailed development of the algorithms of operation suggests that it is possible that such tires will
become a reality. Those who believe in the prototype of the company and decide to invest in it might be listed in Forbes in the future.