Where and when toll roads will appear in Ukraine

The first toll road might become Lviv-Krakovets. One will need to pay about 280 hryvnias to get from Lviv to the Polish border, reports “Investor”.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine upheld the Law No. 6766 on the construction of roads on the principle of concession. 233 deputies voted for the law.

In accordance with this law, the first toll roads may appear in Ukraine. As noted by representatives of a profile ministry, already built roads cannot become paid. Only newly built roads under the terms of a concession may be toll roads (private businesses invest their money in construction, and subsequently receive road for up to 50 years of use).

These actions of the Ukrainian authorities are triggered by the catastrophic state of roads and the inability to carry out their proper repair in the near future. It is believed that attracting private investors will contribute to the proper maintenance of the roads.

The relevant law provides that: on the terms of concession, public roads of general use may be transferred for construction and operation; the decision on holding a concession tender is taken by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; The Cabinet determines the maximum amount of payment for one-way travel by roads constructed on the terms of a concession; concession payments are credited to the State Budget of Ukraine.

The fare on the road will be determined depending on the inflation, location of the road, intensity of traffic and the amount of investment in construction. Thus, it is forecasted that the price will fluctuate at the level of 10-20 eurocents per kilometer. For example, in France and Italy the price is at the level of 15 eurocents.

Paid roads can be built only if there is a free alternative road the length of which does not exceed the toll road’s length more than twice. Although, of course, many may have reservations about the fact that free roads will be intentionally kept in poor condition.

As to where the first toll roads may appear, it is primarily the border areas and the roads to the ports. In order for the road to pay the required traffic intensity should be at 10-20 thousand cars a day.

As for the first toll roads in Ukraine, experts say it will be no earlier than 2020. Till then Ukrainian drivers will continue to complain about public roads and lack of alternatives to them.

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